Jammin' Crepes

Freshly made crepes filled with local and farm fresh ingredients

Jammin' Crepes
20 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08542
(609) 924-5387

Jammin' Crêpes is a celebration of our local, regional farms wrapped in a crêpe with an ever-changing menu that highlights the very best local ingredients at their peak of freshness.


Our primary focus is made-to-order sweet and savory crêpes, filled with seasonal produce and ingredients from regional farms and food artisans, supplemented by Fair Trade and Organic ingredients whenever possible. Our menu will change seasonally to continually focus on the bounty of local ingredients at their peak of freshness and will highlight a selection of our own micro-batch artisanal jams and condiments, created from our regions harvest of orchard fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs.


Our belief is that eating local is a win, win for all and in more ways than one.  For the very best flavor and nutrition, eating close to your food source is always best and, in doing so, we support our local farmers & economy and, at the same time, substantially reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our miles to table along with packaging and waste.


Our mission at Jammin’ Crepes is to Serve & Preserve the very best of the local harvest throughout the seasons.  We work directly with numerous local farmers and food artisans in an effort to provide you, our customers, with a variety of fun, local & delicious flavors all year long.


We truly believe that the closer you are to the tree, the better the fruit will be.

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