Nicola's Pasta Fresca

Our mission is to bring a little piece of Italy to everyone’s table. We take pride in making our products from scratch using only the freshest ingredients that come directly from local farmers. No GMOS, No Steroids and No Preservatives!

Nicola's Pasta Fresca
735 Fairfield Ave
Kenilworth, NJ 07033
(908) 245-3600

Chef Nicola studied culinary art in Parma, Italy and graduated from Alma University. He brings his passion for using local and fresh farm ingredients together to make artisanal pasta that is nutritious, easy to prepare and always fresh with no preservatives.


We offer a large selection of fresh homemade ravioli and cut pasta. Together with our homemade fresh sauces our customers can enjoy an easy, delicious and nutritious meal in twenty minutes. Each week we will have seasonal specials that are great as side dishes or entrees. All our products are made with fresh ingredients sourced from local farms.


Some of our ravioli choices include short rib, spinach, cheese, and mushroom along with lots of specials like chicken with sun-dried tomatoes, pork osso buco, whole wheat kale, butternut squash and many more. Some of our cut pasta choices include spaghetti, fettuccine, bucatini, rigatoni, orecchiette, and fusilli many of which are available in plain, mushroom, spinach, and whole wheat. We also offer Arancini (rice balls), which are available in the traditional Sicilian style made with saffron rice, beef and peas, or in mushroom, and in Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.


Our pasta preparation is so easy. All our pasta is made fresh and remains frozen until you are ready to cook. Simply boil water and cook ravioli for 8-10 minutes or cut pasta for 3-5 minutes. Ask Chef Nicola for quick sauce recipes or purchase our fresh tomato or Bolognese sauce for a complete meal prepared in twenty minutes.


All our pasta is packaged carefully with our signature colored ribbon. Our pasta is great for easy home-cooked meal everyday or they make an interesting house gift if you are going to a party and something you can be sure your host won’t be getting from others. We are looking forward to welcoming you as our customer this season. Like us on Facebook so you can keep informed of our weekly specials Nicolas-Pasta-Fresca. 


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